Eau, stop it!

Gaining weight later in life after having babies, or during menopause or simply because of life’s curious curveballs, I suspect must come as a bit of a shock? If you have been slim or slimmer all your life to suddenly gain weight must come as a big and probably very unwelcome surprise. But at least you know your body has the capability of being that shape. You have been ‘normal’ at some point. Continue reading “Eau, stop it!”

Ketosis Osmosis

I’ve been low.

Liken me to a boat (a tug boat, not the gentile one in this picture) drifting out to sea, furiously using my hands as paddles to garner some kind of control. I have slowly been drifting away from the coast and no amount of effort, despite taking all the advice from many sources, has made an impact. In fact, I’m drifting further and further away from it, slightly panicking.

Continue reading “Ketosis Osmosis”

Natty fatty!

My biggest motivation for losing weight has been getting into clothes I love. The pivotal moment for me in the wish to change my appearance was not getting into a pair of jeans, details of which I lament a bit further down this piece. No bigger slap around the face is there than not being able to wear what you want, and being restricted by others as to what you wear. Almost like having to wear a uniform. Continue reading “Natty fatty!”

Aaand she’s back in the room…

I was airing, ruminating and musing my current frustrations with weight loss with a friend yesterday, someone who knows a lot more about exercise and general nutrition than I do, and apparently I should be eating more and what I though was a good thing by really reining in my intake above and beyond what my MFP suggests by around 200 calories if not more, is perversely the very reason why my weight loss has stagnated. Continue reading “Aaand she’s back in the room…”